BioCapTech is a Start-Up Lorraine created in 2012, the outcome of the meeting between Jean-Claude Pihan, Professor at the University of Metz, who would like the problem of aquatic plants invasive and invasive species is resolved in respecting the whole ecosystem and Loïc Chomel of Varagnes, leader of SMES in the boiler making, in search of new technologies which ensure a sustainable development on the Lorraine Region.

During 3 years, our partners to know: the Lorraine region, the ERDF, 7 research laboratories and 3 companies have contributed to the development of this beautiful project. This invaluable assistance has allowed the company to finalize an innovative offer respectful of the ecosystem. These years of research have led to the discovery of an active substance effective allelopathic as well against aquatic invasive plants that cyan bacteria or algae.

In order to test this substance on various aquatic plants and to better tailor the treatment to the different ecosystems, BioCapTech is entry since October 2015 in the phase of tests and has made agreements with a few communes of Lorraine as Pont-à-Mousson, Mercy-le-Bas, Bousse … but also with the VNF (Waterways of France) on the Canal of Burgundy.

These tests to the positive results portend a strong development, for this start-up, in the years to come.

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